Understanding one’s identity is perplexing for people of any age—and even more so for transgender and gender non-conforming youth. It has been estimated that over 40% of trans people attempt suicide. Sam Price came out as trans to her parents and older brother at twenty years old. Although her parents thought that because she had the support of her family, friends, and also attended Oberlin College—one of the most open communities in the country—Sam would be safe. She was not. Tragically, on her 21st birthday she died by suicide.

Having the support of family, friends, synagogue, church, and school may not be enough. In their struggle to make sense of this tragedy Adam and Beth Price decided to honor their daughter’s legacy by founding the Sam and Devorah Foundation for Trans Youth.

The Sam and Devorah Foundation for Trans Youth will establish a safe haven for transgender and gender non-conforming young adults to regroup for a short period of time in a respectful and nurturing environment. It will be a place where young adults can go when they no longer feel welcome or safe in their own communities or for those who have support but wish to be with likeminded peers.

The Foundation will be a rejuvenating place and include an extensive sustainable-vegetable garden as well as opportunities for creative expression, mindfulness meditation and other restorative activities. Mentorship and educational programs will also be available. 

Please help keep Sam’s efforts to create a more loving and inclusive society alive by spreading the word via social media.